Paperboard, also known as cardboard, is a versatile and widely used material composed of multiple layers of paper. It is thicker and sturdier than regular paper, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Paperboard is commonly used in packaging, graphic arts, and construction industries. Here are some key features and uses of paperboard:

Features of Paperboard:

  1. Thickness: Paperboard is thicker than standard paper, typically ranging from 0.25 mm (10 mils) to 3 mm (120 mils) in thickness.

  2. Strength: Due to its layered construction, paperboard exhibits strength and rigidity, making it suitable for supporting and protecting packaged products.

  3. Foldability: Paperboard can be easily folded, creased, and scored, allowing for the creation of various structural designs and shapes.

  4. Printability: Paperboard provides a smooth and printable surface, making it ideal for high-quality graphics and packaging designs.

Uses of Paperboard:

  1. Packaging: Paperboard is widely used in packaging applications, such as boxes, cartons, tubes, and displays. It offers protection, stability, and branding opportunities for various consumer products, including food, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

  2. Graphic Arts: Paperboard serves as a substrate for printed materials, including book covers, posters, brochures, greeting cards, and packaging labels. Its smooth surface allows for vibrant and high-quality printing.

  3. Stationery and Paper Products: Many stationery items, such as notebooks, folders, file covers, and binders, are made from paperboard. It provides durability and support for organizing and storing papers.

  4. Construction and Signage: Thick paperboard, such as corrugated cardboard, is used in construction for applications like temporary partitions, model making, and insulation. It is also utilized for signage, displays, and exhibition stands due to its versatility and lightweight nature.

  5. Crafts and DIY Projects: Paperboard is a popular material for various crafts and DIY projects. Its easy availability, affordability, and workability make it suitable for activities like model building, scrapbooking, card making, and children's crafts.

It's worth noting that different grades and thicknesses of paperboard exist, each with specific properties and intended uses. The specific requirements of a project or application will determine the appropriate type and thickness of paperboard to be used.

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Available mm : 0.8-3.0mm

Size: 70x100

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Available GSM: 300, 350

Size: 70x100

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Available GSM: 250, 300

Size: 70x100

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Our Duplex board is perfect solution for packaging.

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It is suitable for all popular printing techniques from high-speed offset printing to silk screening, embossing, hot foil stamping, die-cutting etc.