Pulp and Paper industry of Russia is in serious stagnation

27 June 2023, Tu

In this regard, paper purchases in Turkey and China look quite logical and correct. But it is obvious that improving the quality of domestic paper production should become an important element in the development of industrial potential, including in the implementation of the task of achieving the country's technological sovereignty.
At the same time, it is obvious that, unlike high technologies, where many industries need to be created from scratch, doing reverse engineering and adapting Chinese or East Asian technologies to Russian conditions, the production of paper bleach may not be very well established in paper production.
But the beginnings of the production of bleach for paper in Russia are. It remains only to support these productions at the federal and regional levels.
And there is a prospect of increasing the level of self-sufficiency with paper, both for printing houses and for the population in Russia.
It is only necessary to correctly dispose of the existing potential, and not to replace dependence on the supply of Finnish paper with dependence on the supply of paper from Turkey or China.
To date, Russian printing houses have already found a replacement for paper from European countries, now they are buying materials in China and Turkey, the media wrote with reference to the Union of Printers of St. Petersburg.
Original article: IaRex.ru https://iarex.ru/news/93793.html

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